Hostility toward anglophones has increased in Quebec - especially following Premier Francois Legault's refusal to speak English during a recent provincial election debate. And now we are seeing this hostility seep into legislation.

Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec, aims to preserve and promote the French language by making French the only official language of Quebec.

It also requires immigrants to speak French six months after arriving and demands the school curriculum include more French classes as a graduation requirement for anglophones.

The Bill passed by a landslide on May 22, 2022, despite facing opposition from the public, who believe the Bill violates the rights of anglophone residents and disadvantaged students.

Although French must be preserved in Quebec, Bill 96 is a direct threat to all minorities in Quebec, native, allophone, and anglophone.

If you agree Bill 96 must be stopped, please sign the petition on this page.