'Theybies' genderless parenting trend goes too far

Outraged parents slam controversial 60 Minutes segment as Nine disables comments online.

'Theybies' genderless parenting trend goes too far
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Australian media personality Erin Molan has criticised the trend of raising children gender-neutral from birth, calling it “scary” and “unnecessary” and warning it could be detrimental to children when they enter the real world.

Her comments came after a current affairs program in Australia interviewed parents who choose to raise children without disclosing their gender.

The program aired on Nine's 60 Minutes and disabled comments online.

Erin Molan is not alone in her criticism of the parenting trend, as parents have taken to social media to express their concerns.

The parents in the program, who are raising their child genderless, said they did not want their child to be stereotyped based on their gender.

They have kept the child's gender a secret from family and friends, allowing the child to choose their own interests without restriction.

The parents reject the idea that this would make their child's life more complex, instead saying that they are expanding the idea of what gender means.

Social scientist and gender creative expert Dr Kyl Myers said that gender-creative parenting was about expanding gender, not eliminating it.

Myers raised her own child genderless until he reached age four and revealed his gender to her.

Dr Myers gave birth to her second child in March and plans to raise the child genderless.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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