Thousands gather in Toronto against vaccine passports, just as Doug Ford announces latest flip-flop

Starting Sept. 22, proof of vaccination will be required to access gyms, indoor restaurants, movie theatres and concerts in Ontario.

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Say, whatever happened to that old feminist chestnut pertaining to abortion: “My body, my choice”?

Because these days — if you listen to certain politicians and the trained seals who comprise the state-funded Media Party — the politically-correct mantra would seem to be, “Your body, government’s choice.”

After all, just a few weeks ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the province would not mandate a vaccination passport. He said he didn’t want two-tier citizenship for Ontarians, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Well, file that statement under the department of “That was then and this is now.” Because yet again, someone or something (big business? Ford’s inner circle of woke advisors? The Toronto ‘National Interest Exemption’ Blue Jays?) got to Doug Ford, convincing him that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is the second coming of the Ebola virus. And so it was that Ontario’s Puppet Premier did another spectacular one-eighty in terms of Wuhan virus policy.

And in the department of cosmic coincidence, at the precise same time Premier Ford was formally announcing his latest flip-flop, thousands were gathering outside Toronto General Hospital in a protest that had been pre-arranged several days prior. If anything, the timing was perfect for this protest, which espoused the theme of, “Stand together; reject the tyranny of mandatory vaccines.”

No one at this gathering — which included several healthcare workers — was happy about Ford’s announcement, which noted that as of Sept. 22, proof of vaccination will be required to access “non-essential” businesses in Ontario. This will include gyms, indoor restaurants, movie theatres, concerts and organized large gatherings.

So, if Ontarians plan to go for a workout or see a movie in the weeks ahead, they can now expect to be greeted by Norman the Doorman at the gym or the cinema, dutifully asking the question: “Your papers, please?”


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  • By Ezra Levant

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