Thousands of people, including doctors, attend Vancouver’s Worldwide Freedom Rally

Speakers at the event included Dr. Charles Hoffe and the family evicted from Ronald McDonald House for not being vaccinated.

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Thousands of pro-freedom protesters gathered peacefully in Vancouver on Saturday, January 22 to attend the sixth Worldwide Freedom Rally. The rally was one of over 40 demonstrations taking place across the world, attracting people calling for an end to government overreach and COVID-19 restrictions, including vaccine mandates.

Vancouver’s rally, hosted by Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli and Alicia Johnson, started off with speeches at the Vancouver Art Gallery, then to a 45-minute march around the surrounding downtown streets, and it ended with an hour of music and dancing.

“The fact that the medical authorities have actively withheld effective, and safe, outpatient therapy from anyone who gets COVID, leads us to believe that this is not about safety” said Dr. Charles Hoffe. Hoffe was one of five medical doctors from the Educate Before You Vaccinate tour to take the stage to speak on Saturday.

Austin Furgason, the father of four-year-old Jack, whose plight attracted international coverage when the family was evicted from the Ronald McDonald House for not being vaccinated for COVID-19, was also on the roster of speakers.

Unlike the mainstream media which was nowhere in sight during the massive protest, Rebel News had our boots on the ground to cover the united concerns about COVID-19 mandates and the crowd's calls for change.

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