Thousands take to Edmonton streets for third weekly protest as part of Freedom Convoy movement

Edmonton's city council banned horn honking, but the convoy kept drawing freedom-minded people into its orbit.

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Last Saturday afternoon, thousands of cheering supporters joined hundreds of truckers (and me!) to ignore a local Edmonton ban on horn honking to protest remaining COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The protest is part of a larger protest movement of convoys in cities across Canada — and now across the world — against lockdown restrictions and vaccine mandates for work, play and travel. The original Convoy For Freedom to Ottawa began its third week in the nation's capital Friday and shows no sign of stopping or withdrawing its demands to end pandemic regulations in a return to normalcy.

In advance of the convoy, the Edmonton city council, headed by Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, former natural resources minister under Justin Trudeau, banned horn honking though one could not tell by the symphony of resistance coming from the steering wheels of the big rigs in the capital city.

As a fun side note, on my way to the Legislature grounds to cover the convoy, I ended up sucked into the convoy and made the loop a few times and was greeted by a cheering crowd. When I finally escaped the lure of the convoy, I ended up in the middle of a Liberty March and had to wait for thousands of people to parade down the street before could park my car and provide the comprehensive on-the-ground- coverage Rebel News viewers have come to expect.

Then, when I left the Legislature after talking to dozens of normal people from all walks of life about what they expect the federal government to do in the coming days and weeks to deal with the protests that are making Justin Trudeau lose control of his faculties and his stranglehold on the country, I ended up back in the convoy again!

The convoy has a gravitational pull that draws all freedom-minded creatures into its orbit. I know. I lived it.

While I was at the protest in Edmonton, Rebel News had teams of reporters on location in nine other cities and towns covering convoys, including the border blockades at Coutts, AB and Windsor, ON, and the so-called "occupation" of Ottawa by truckers with hot tubs and bouncy castles. To support our independent journalism, please visit


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