Hundreds gather outside Calgary jail to protest continued detention of Pastor Tim Stephens

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Hundreds gathered outside the Calgary Remand Centre to protest the continued detention of Pastor Tim Stephens. Pastor Tim’s legal representation from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms insists that this was an unlawful arrest, and that Pastor Tim is being illegally detained. The large crowd on hand clearly agreed. Loud chants calling for the immediate release of the embattled pastor erupted numerous times throughout the event.

Last Saturday, a crowd gathered outside of the prison with an emphasis on prayer and worship, but this week the rally took on a decidedly more political tone. 

Pastor Trevor Stephens, Tim's brother, introduced speakers throughout the event. John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre of Constitutional Freedoms, gave a rousing speech. Pastor Jacob Reaume, who faces up to ten years in a jail and over $1 million in fines, and Pastor Michael Thiessen, who faces two years in prison and $200,000 in fines, were also on hand to speak in support of Pastor Tim. 

MLA Drew Barnes, who was recently ejected from the United Conservative Party caucus for daring to ask questions about COVID restrictions, was scheduled to appear, but regretfully shared that he was needed in his constituency. He sent a letter of support which decried the governmental response to the pandemic. 

Independent MP Derek Sloan also made the trip to Alberta to support Pastor Tim. He spoke about the arrests of pastors in Alberta, but also more broadly addressed the war on freedom that has begun to permeate Canadian culture, particularly media, Big Tech and most notably in the House of Commons. 

The day came to a close with Pastor James Coates, who spent 35 days in jail himself for violating public health restrictions on worship, reading a letter written by Pastor Tim. As a fellow pastor jailed for his convictions, Coates was uniquely equipped to share the message. 

Pastor Tim’s family were also in attendance for the event. Raquel Stephens, Tim Stephens' wife, expressed her gratitude for all those in attendance, and for the coverage and continued attention that we have brought to her husband’s story. 

This story continues to gain momentum internationally. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has written to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom suggesting that they consider placing Canada on their watch list, specifically citing Rebel News' footage of Pastor Tim Stephens’ dramatic arrest.

Sadly, many Calgarians are unaware of what is happening in their own backyard, which is why we decided to take out our Shame On Shandro billboard truck, which featured footage of the arrest, across Calgary, so that this story is not forgotten. If you want to see the truck on Calgary streets again and help us hold Health Minister Tyler Shandro accountable for targeting Pastor Tim, donate at today.  

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  • By Adam Soos

Release Pastor Tim Stephens

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  • By Adam Soos

Shame on Shandro

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