Top-notch Rebel team is covering WHO’s World Health Summit in Berlin!

The same globalist billionaires that told us lockdowns saved lives and the vaccines that they profited from were the ticket out of the pandemic are heading to Berlin this week to discuss what they believe is the best for your health at the ‘World Health Summit 2022.’

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Rebel News is heading over to Berlin, Germany to cover the World Health Summit (WHS) event every step of the way.

For the first time ever, the summit is being hosted in partnership with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). This is the same WHO that supported coercive vaccine mandates while lining the pockets of BigPharma, destroying businesses and the livelihoods of countless Canadians. They want to digitize our world and centralize health with their failed pandemic preparedness strategies. 

However, their secret, back-door meetings are no longer being done in private. If you agree that sending a top-notch team to Berlin to cover this event is crucial to bringing you accurate, on-the-ground reporting, then head over to where you can donate to offset our travel costs.

Our reporters are going to be the only skeptics there. You won’t be seeing any Canadian mainstream media journalists on the ground covering this important event.

The dream team includes Sr. Editor Tamara Ugolini (@TamaraUgo) along with British Columbia and Quebec bureau chiefs Drea Humphrey (@DreaHumphrey) and Alexa Lavoie (@TheVoiceAlexa).

But we need your help to do this vital work. We’re traveling light–in economy class and sharing an Airbnb with our team. The trip is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars, but we know that you’re going to value this reporting as much as we do.

So, please head over to and chip in whatever you can. By the time you see this report, we’ll already be in Germany bringing you the other, likely to be otherwise unreported, side of the story.

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