Ominous vibe within Toronto’s Jewish community on Friday thanks to the founder of Hamas calling for a worldwide “day of rage”

There was an ominous vibe as well as a huge police presence in this neighbourhood on Friday the 13th. Indeed, a mobile police command post was in operation in the parking lot of Lawrence Plaza thanks to the founder of Hamas imploring jihadis to carry out a so-called “day of rage.”

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The Bathurst/Lawrence area of north Toronto is home to a vibrant Jewish community. I would argue this is a very safe neighbourhood; in fact, I grew up just about a kilometre away from this intersection.

Toronto police deployed a mobile command post in the parking lot of a plaza on Bathurst to stay vigilante for any crimes ahead of the so called "Day of Rage" for jihadis across the globe to carry out in response to founder of Hamas.

Disturbingly, not far away from this plaza, three hooligans showed up at a Jewish school on Thursday afternoon and made menacing threats against Jewish children during lunchtime. Toronto Police were quick on the scene and arrested the trio.

Clearly the police were not taking any chances on Friday. Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw stated that all over this predominately Jewish neighbourhood there would be an “increased police presence at places of worship.”Alas, Canada may be half a world away from the Middle East, but antisemitism the world over is on the upswing.

Given the time in which we live, nothing can be taken for granted. Little wonder the Toronto Police issued a press release last night stating the following: “The Toronto Police Service has heard directly from community leaders in our city that the war in the Middle East is generating fear and insecurity in Toronto.

The Service continuously monitors world events to assess how they may impact the safety and security of Toronto residents, and we are aware of global online threats circulating today… about events that may occur on Friday.”And so it is that Rebel News remained on site (as well as other media outlets) just in case any malicious events were to occur. At time of writing, it appears that the calls for a bloody “day of rage” amounted to so much sound and fury signifying nothing.

Let’s hope it will remain that way.

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