Torontonians won't bad-mouth Justin Trudeau as illegal rail blockades paralyze Canada

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I ventured over to Canada's busiest rail hub, Union Station in downtown Toronto, to check the pulse of frustrated rail commuters due to the ongoing rail blockades — and the responses prove to be interesting indeed.

Predictably, nobody is happy with the rail blockades that have resulted in delayed or cancelled Via and GO train service. Yet, when asked if this is any way for the Justin Trudeau Liberals to run a country, suddenly almost nobody wants to get “political” on camera.

Then again, the Greater Toronto Area is a bastion of Liberal support, as proven by the overwhelming endorsement of Liberal candidates in last year's federal election. Did these Liberal die-hard voters support Trudeau's war on fossil fuels thinking it would only affect Albertans as opposed to those in the 416?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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