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MOVIE PREMIERE: Get tickets to see our newest documentary in theatre in Calgary!

Tickets are on sale now for Rebel News' documentary "Trucker Rebellion: The Story of the Coutts Blockade" which premieres in Calgary on May 26.

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You've heard of the Canadian 'freedom truckers' protesting discriminatory vaccine mandates.

But they didn't all go to Ottawa.

Many truckers decided to take a stand at a small border crossing in Coutts, Alberta.

This is their story.

Join Rebel News for a special night in Calgary at the world premiere of this amazing all new documentary!


On January 29, 2022, truckers began a blockade at the Coutts/Sweet Grass, Montana international border crossing in Alberta.

The truckers wanted to stand in support and solidarity with the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa. They, like Millions of Canadians, had enough of the Canadian government's discriminatory vaccine mandates.

Rebel News sent two young journalists, Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard, down to Coutts to embed themselves in the blockade and document every moment. This is their story and their exclusive footage that you won't see anywhere else.


7:00 p.m. MT - VIP reception

8:00 p.m. MT - Documentary screening

9:30 p.m. MT - Q&A with journalists, filmmakers, and special guests.


May 26, 2022


Canyon Meadows Cinema


General Admission - $15

VIP - $40 (includes concessions and access to an exclusive reception before screening.)

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PREMIERE: Trucker Documentary

Rebel News presents the world premiere of its new documentary, "Trucker Rebellion: The Story of the Coutts Blockade." Q and A with journalists, filmmakers, and special guests after the screening! Join us in Calgary on May 26 for this exclusive event!


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