More transanity on the rugby field! Biological man is defended by female teammates and opponents!

'Opposing players on the Waterloo squad would not offer any comments,' said David. 'Apparently, they are either totally fine going up against biological men – or they are wary of cancel culture should they speak out against this outrageous farce.'

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If you ever want to get an idea of how woke Ontario is, then just go to a women’s rugby game in which everything goes in the name of the unholy trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusion…

For example, Ash Davis (or is it “Ashley”?) identifies as a lesbian these days. Which is very convenient for him given that Mr. Davis now plays for the Fergus Highlanders WOMEN’s team.

Ash is very fluid in terms of sexuality. For example, last year he played on the Fergus men’s team. And get this: he was named the squad’s “hardest hitter.” He showed up to accept his trophy wearing a purple dress and brandishing a cricket bat. Makes one think of the deranged trans character Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs, wouldn’t you say? Yikes…!

The thing is Ash tackles hard. In June, three biological women players with the Stoney Creek Camels had to be removed from the game thanks to Ash’s sadistic tackles.

And make no mistake: Ash is clearly a male; in fact, he doesn’t even try to look female. He has an Adam’s apple. Male pattern baldness is setting in. And it’s impossible to ignore those leg and arm muscles. It’s sickening.

We recently visited Fergus, Ont., to take in a game between the Highlanders and a club from Burlington. We wanted to scrum Ash; we wanted to ask him why he is doing this? Does he actually take joy in injuring biological females? Is he perhaps suffering from mental illness? Is he truly a lesbian or is he gaming the system by declaring himself to be “transgender” so that he can hurt and grope real women?

Alas, Ash played the vulnerable female card and ran into the embrace of his teammates, who formed a circle around Precious so that his feelings wouldn’t be heard. And then, amazingly, his teammates acted hysterically. Some were even crying (including Ash’s wife) as they chanted “trans women are real women!”

So it is that last Saturday we visited Bluevale Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ont., for a playoff game between the Fergus Highlanders and a Waterloo club. It became obvious to us that the league had handed down a gag order given that the silent treatment had replaced hysteria (although one Fergus player walked past us saying that we were “disgusting” without providing any reasons why, alas…).

Even the opposing players on the Waterloo squad (i.e., Ash’s potential victims) would not offer any comments. Apparently, they are either totally fine going up against biological men – or they are wary of cancel culture should they speak out against this outrageous farce.

A soy boy spectator clad in a Star Wars T-shirt, meanwhile, said he had no problem whatsoever with biological women rugby players being injured by biological men. This pathetic wannabe Antifa recruit then tried to prevent us filming the game by sticking his umbrella near our camera lens.

But get this: Ash being on the field goes against the sport’s governing body, World Rugby. WR notes what should be obvious in this statement: “Transgender women may not currently play women's rugby. Why? Because of the size, force- and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks this creates.”

And yet, Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada are violating the rules of rugby’s international governing body. Why? Indeed, why have separate divisions for male and female players in the first place? And how about this as a solution: create a third division for trans players. Otherwise, their so -called “inclusion” policies rally amount to garden variety misogyny.

Stay tuned as we seek answers from those women-haters who are supposedly in charge.

P.S. The Fergus Highlanders lost their playoff game against Waterloo last Saturday. While we do not claim to be rugby experts, we think we know the reason for the loss. Which is to say, clearly the Fergus Highlanders women’s squad just doesn’t have enough dudes on its roster…

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