Transgender golfer wins women's tournament, sparks controversy

The Women’s Professional Golf Association disabled comments on their tweet after announcing that a transgender athlete had won a female tournament, sparking backlash and accusations of erasing women's sport.

Transgender golfer wins women's tournament, sparks controversy
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The Women’s Professional Golf Association tweeted that a biological man had won a female tournament at the weekend, and then disabled comments when people complained. 

The WPGA Tour of Australasia tweeted on Sunday: 

“Showing nerves of steel, Breanna Gill triumphed in a playoff for her first professional win at the #AusWomensClassic!” 

But when people began pointing out that the winner was a transgender athlete unfairly competing against women, the WPGA quickly shut down all comments. 

That didn’t stop almost 3000 people quoting the tweet to criticise the fact a biological man had been allowed to win on the women’s tour. 

The tweet, showing Gill with the trophy, was viewed more than 7 million times before the WPGA eventually deleted it. 

US journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted:  

“This is a biological man, a fact not even mentioned in much of the major press coverage celebrating ‘her’ win over the actual women in this tournament. It’s a fraud, it’s immoral, and it has to stop.” 

Another journalist, Amber Harding, complained that “the presence of biological men in women’s sports has become so normalised it’s not even worth mentioning”. 

 Harding savaged the WPGA for turning off the comments section of their tweeter feed. 

“The erasure of women’s sport is real. But instead of addressing the problem., it’s way easier to ignore it. Just turn off the replies – maybe no one will notice,” she said. 


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  • By Avi Yemini

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