EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau Foundation demanded apology after National Post reported cash-for-access scandal

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Rebel News has obtained exclusive documents which detail how the Trudeau Foundation tried to bully the National Post into retracting a cash-for-access scandal involving Justin Trudeau.

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In 2016, the National Post published an article by Claire Brownell and Zane Schwartz, investigating the sudden influx of donations into the coffers of the Trudeau family charity after Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister:

Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin Trudeau took over the Liberals, analysis shows.

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose wrote to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner and to the Lobbying Commissioner asking them to investigate Liberal fundraising practices and, in particular, whether people might be using donations to the charitable Trudeau Foundation to gain influence with the government.

A previous Rebel News access to information investigation into the Trudeau Foundation and the Foundation’s dealings with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada demonstrated the quintupling of donations from 2014 to 2015 in internal email communications:

Private donations in 2015 were $205,000 and in 2014 $39,000.

Yet, the Foundation wanted the article pulled, writing a threatening demand letter to the National Post uncovered in internal government audit documents released to Rebel News:

The National Post article by Claire Brownell and Zane Schwartz published online Monday, December 12th and in print Tuesday, December 13th represents a failure of responsible journalism on the part of the team at National Post. Despite having been supplied with detailed information that would have presented a very different story to the public, Ms. Brownell selected data and crafted her article in such a way as to link the Trudeau Foundation to the ongoing government cash for access controversy."

…throughout its length, this article implies that individuals, corporations, and others involve themself with the Foundation as a means of influencing government. It's not only baseless but detracts from the important work being undertaken by the Foundation's scholars, fellows, and mentors. It is on their behalf that I request an immediate retraction of this article, correction of the public record, and an apology from the National Post.

National Post didn’t back down in 2016 in the face of Trudeau Foundation intimidation tactics. But would they today?

National Post now takes $140,000 per week in subsidies and handouts from Justin Trudeau’s media bailout. Buying silence — especially with someone else’s money - can be a lot easier and more effective than legal threats.

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