Trudeau gov't: Don't call vaccines a “treatment” for COVID

Trudeau gov't: Don't call vaccines a “treatment” for COVID
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Internal emails in Trudeau's government nixed a social media post touting vaccines as a “treatment” for COVID-19.

Erika Zeroual, a communications advisor with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) wrote to fellow staffer Stephanie Burnett Landry looking for approval on a proposed departmental tweet on October 22, 2020.

The email described the tweet and read, in part:

We’d like to tweet out the following for tomorrow’s announcement: 

“#GoC announces funding for two #COVID19 vaccine candidates, keeping Canada at the forefront of the global race to find a treatment @PrecisionNano @medicagoinc.”

Burnett Landry replied to caution against using the description of a COVID “therapy”:

Treatment would be associated with a therapy. These firms are doing vaccines candidates. [Staffer Rodrigo Arancibia] knows best but maybe we use words like ‘fight’ or ‘prevent’ or ‘combat COVID-19’.

The finalized tweet, without the “treatment” terminology, was posted on October 23, 2020:

You can read the emails below.

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