Trudeau gov't spends $184,000 telling gamers to wear masks, stay home, socially distance

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A new order paper answer reveals that the federal government, through two different agencies, spent a total of $184,000 to remind video gamers to stay home, remain socially distant, and wear masks, all while playing video games in their own homes.

The proof of the enormous and unnecessary expenditures came to light through an order paper response to a question posed by Conservative MP for Saskatoon West, Brad Redekopp.

Redekopp wanted details of the types and costs associated with promotion and educational videos produced by the federal government. The return on documents was 498 pages.

Rebel News is still winding through it all, but today’s story offers a sneak peak at a broader theme.

Health Canada spent $92,000 on ads to encourage video game players to wear masks, stay home and physically distance themselves from others. Four 15-second long videos were titled “wear a mask,” “keep your distance,” “wash your hands” and “stay home if you're sick.”

The videos were distributed on the Entertainment Software Association of Canada website and the association’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels.

The Public Health Agency of Canada reported a matching expenditure for identical videos to be distributed to the same locations.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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