Trudeau ignores Alberta's vote, picks Liberal-friendly senator instead

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On the latest episode of Rebel Roundup, Sheila Gunn Reid joined David Menzies to talk about Trudeau's selection of Karen Sorensen as the next senator from Alberta.

Here's a bit of what Sheila had to say about the senator election and selection process:

“...we won't just elect our own guy, we'll elect two of our own guys and we'll let the prime minister — we'll take the tough part of making the decision out of the hands of the prime minister — we wouldn't want Justin Trudeau to do too much of that thinking stuff.

“...and so we'll choose two people, and the prime minister can choose the one that he likes best, so we haven't completely taken the choice out of the prime minister's hand... [and so we'll] send the guy Albertans chose to represent us, to the senate, to at least have our say in what happens to us. Because otherwise, by and large, the prime minister's and the governor generals are always from the east. 

This is just an excerpt from the full Rebel Roundup.

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