Trudeau is on 'Team Barbie'

The prime minister took to social media to announce his allyship with the iconic fashion doll Barbie in a move that surprised many Canadians struggling with ongoing socio-economic woes.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to social media over the weekend in support of toy fashion icon, Barbie.

“We’re Team Barbie,” the Liberal party leader posted on social media. Trudeau is seen posing with his son in a photo at the theatre on August 6.

Produced by Warner Brothers, the Barbie movie was released in June and has already raked in over $1 billion in ticket sales at the global box office.

Trudeau’s outing occurred four days after the high-profile separation announcement between he and his former wife, Sophie, after 18 years of marriage.

Many, like thought leader Jordan Peterson, were surprised that this post was real and did not come from a parody account.

Critics denounced the newly released Barbie movie as “nothing more than a ploy to sell merchandise” — with its pop up cafes and a Forever 21 clothing collaboration. This is unsurprising, given Barbie was the original lifestyle influencer.

And according to some psychologists, dolls have a big impact on how children view themselves, their sense of self, their body image, the ideal body, etcetera.

Barbie — a plastic fashion doll criticized for hoarding materialistic possessions from cars, to houses and clothes — was also revealed by Finnish researchers in 1994 to lack body fat and proportions necessary to menstruate, if she were a real woman.

It’s not the first time that virtue obsessed Prime Minister Trudeau has paraded around, promoting superficial public engagements. Last year he was the guest of honour during Canada’s Drag Race, where he was introduced as the first-ever world leader to visit a drag event.

The wannabe feminist, with his out of touch frivolous demeanour, must take to social media to announce his allyship with the materialistic and proportionately unhealthy representation of femininity in the form of a plastic Barbie doll… from the prime minister who has attempted to ban single use plastics and has us all drinking out of disintegrating paper straws while he jet sets and globe trots lecturing about climate change.

This is all while his marriage is in shambles, as Canadians grapple with record inflation, ever-increasing interest rates, a collapsing medical system, a housing crisis and a war between Russia and Ukraine that Canadian tax dollars continue to fund, seemingly unabated.

No, no. the Barbie movie. That is where the prime minister's priorities lie.

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