Trudeau took Facebook meeting, ignored US Chamber of Commerce at 2017 economic summit in Vietnam


We have the exclusive details of Trudeau’s disastrous trip to the 2017 APEC CEO summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. We now know Trudeau gave the cold shoulder to the United States Chambers of Commerce in favor of taking a singular business meeting with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg.

The November 2017 trip was plagued with controversy when it was reported that Trudeau snubbed Asia-Pacific leaders in the middle of Canada's Trans-Pacific Partnership with them negotiations with them.

Global News reported that:

“Trudeau did not go into the conference room at the scheduled time to meet with other TPP leaders. A few moments later, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe walked into the room and told his counterparts that the leaders meeting was cancelled. Sources traveling with the leaders said Trudeau had been meeting with Abe prior to the leaders meeting and their talks ran long, while other world leaders waited for them to arrive. Trudeau never left the meeting room after talking to Abe but continued on with his next appointment with Facebook.”

I wanted to know who else Trudeau snubbed and who else he met with at APEC 2017, so we filed for access to information 2 years ago. We have the full details now.

Trudeau’s entourage received “three business-related invitations for consideration for APEC”, one of which was Facebook. Trudeau took that closed-door meeting with the social media giant as evidenced in the official trip itinerary provided in the documents.

Trudeau passed over an opportunity to sit down with “25-30” senior American business leaders in a meeting hosted by the US-APEC Business Coalition made up of the National Center for APEC and the United States Chambers of Commerce. Trudeau was invited to sit down with a long list of multinational job creators that included PwC, Abbott, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Freeport-McMoRan, City, Dow, GE, JP Morgan, Moodys, Pfizer, UL, and Walmart.

A meeting with ExxonMobil would have gone a long way to prompt reinvestment in Alberta, which could have led to the creation of thousands of jobs. Instead, Trudeau had a face to face with Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, whose company employs just 225 people across the entire nation.

Trudeau wasn’t concerned with jobs at APEC. He stood up our trade partners and blew off the business community. Trudeau’s only concern was meeting with the one person that could help him get re-elected by censoring his political enemies.

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  • By David Menzies

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