Trudeau visits Women's College Hospital (thankfully, not to rename it 'Birthing Person's')

Yet again, the independent press was banned from actually covering a federal government presser. Only Trudeau’s state-sanctioned and taxpayer-funded trained seals were allowed into the hospital to take part in the press conference. Everyone else remained on the sidewalk.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and Marci Ien, the Minister for Women and Gender Quality and Youth, collectively visited Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital last Thursday.

All of which was very alarming for this intrepid reporter. Women’s College Hospital holds a special place in his heart, given that he was born there way back on Good Friday, 1962. For the record, it was a very difficult birth for Mama Menzoid. Oh, the screaming, the crying, the kicking — and that was at the point of conception… ANYWAY…

Given that the Trudeau Liberals are all about reimaging Canada’s history and injecting woeful wokeism into the narrative, I began to fret.

What was Trudeau’s whiz-bang announcement going to be on this day? Were the Trudeau Liberals going to coerce Women’s College Hospital into “rebranding” the institution as, say, Birthing Person’s College Hospital? Or Women’s & Transwomen’s College Hospital?

After all, these days, what’s a “woman”? Alas, such “reimagining” fears were thankfully unfounded.

It turns out the announcement was all about a rollout of a pharmacare plan that aims to provide coverage for a number of contraception and diabetes medications.

At least this is what we gathered from other media outlets. Yet again, the independent press was banned from actually covering a federal government presser. Only Trudeau’s state-sanctioned and taxpayer-funded trained seals were allowed into the hospital to take in the press conference. Everyone else had to remain on the sidewalk.

Naturally, because the Trudeau Liberals are royally screwing up just about every file, the pharmacare announcement was buried. Trudeau was queried on Canada intending to restore funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

While UNRWA might sound like a humanitarian cause, it was recently exposed that UNRWA employees were helping out Hamas terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip. Nice.

Said Trudeau: “We're not making any announcements today. But we will continue to make sure Canada does the right thing in this situation and puts the protection of civilian life at the forefront of everything we do.”

Translation: yes, Canada IS restoring funding to this non-credible entity that has blood on its hands.

Trudeau was also asked about the increasingly violent pro-Hamas demonstrations in Canadian cities — such as the one that occurred outside the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto last Saturday. That’s when pro-Hamas thugs blocked the entrances to the venue, which forced the cancellation of an event in which Trudeau was hosting his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni.

But was the blackface enthusiast upset about that international embarrassment? Not really…

Trudeau said people have a right to express their “anguish” and to protest around the Israel-Hamas war. Alas, when protests turn to harassment of fellow citizens (which basically describes EVERY pro-Hamas demonstration), then “there's a line that's crossed.”

Trudeau then added this whopper: “Canadians have a right to protest, absolutely; to make their anguish, their anger, heard by other Canadians. That's important, too. We will always protect that right.”

Wow — we’re pretty sure that notable quotable qualifies as breaking news for Tamara Lich and just about everyone else who was involved in 2022’s Freedom Convoy in Ottawa!

The silver lining to this fiasco of a press conference was this: when it came to the numerous Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen on site, no Rebel News staffer was physically assaulted, handcuffed, incarcerated, and/or falsely accused of assaulting a peace officer.

Golly… we wonder why these Dudley Do-Wrongs course-corrected their odious behaviour? Do you think it has anything do to with that $1 million lawsuit Rebel News served them last Tuesday pertaining to a prevailing pattern of unconstitutional abuse by the Mounties against Rebel News staffers?

Nah. Trudeau’s security staffers suddenly collectively acting as a kinder, gentler goon squad was surely some sort of cosmic coincidence…

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