Unverified claims challenge Higgins' credibility in Lehrmann case

AFP document reveals disputed details about Higgins' past encounters.

Unverified claims challenge Higgins' credibility in Lehrmann case
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An Australian Federal Police document included claims Brittany Higgins had sex “on multiple occasions” in the same office in which she alleged she was raped.

The unverified claims were made in a document marked “Protected: Sensitive: Legal” that was prepared by police to guide the decision on whether or not to prosecute Bruce Lehrmann for the rape of Higgins.

Lehrmann denies that he raped Higgins and has never been convicted over the allegation. 

In the 64-page document, police state that a Liberal staffer told them Higgins and a married man had sex on multiple occasions “in the same office to which she is stating she was sexually assaulted.” 

According to News.com.au, the person in question was a Liberal staffer who denies he was married while dating Higgins. 

He also denied having sex in the office of the then Defence Minister Linda Reynolds.  

The man had said the salacious claims had never been put to him by police despite being included in the AFP document questioning Higgins’ credibility. 

The AFP document also claimed that Ms Higgins had “been counselled for lying before” but did not explain what police were referring to. 

The document, which was presented to an inquiry into the Lehrmann prosecution, was not used as evidence in Lehrmann’s trial. 

Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold told the inquiry that the police report contained “inadmissible” material that should never have been included.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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