Update: Planned Parenthood Sex Cards Distributed in Canadian Schools

Lumsden High School in Saskatchewan, as well as at least three other schools in British Columbia, distributed the pornographic cards to kids.

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Many Canadians were disgusted to learn that decks of sexually explicit ABC cards were made accessible to grade 9 students at Lumsden High School in Saskatchewan.

Public outrage over the Planned Parenthood presentation porn cards, which teach sex terms one could expect to learn on the dark web, was quickly followed by a statement from the school apologizing for the distribution of the "health" resources.

Additionally, Saskatchewan Minister of Education Dustin Duncan announced a suspension of any Planned Parenthood presentations in schools, and that a review of the province's health and wellness curriculum for kids would be conducted.

"I haven't had a lot of time to think about if I would have done it differently, but at this point, I would say no. I'd do it the same way," Duncan stated in defence of his swift handling of the situation.

While Duncan has received both criticism and applause for the measures he's taking to address the issue, some who agree with his choice say he still didn't act fast enough.

"They don't have all the facts, and they're minimizing what actually occurred," says Nadine Ness, a former police officer from Saskatchewan who is passionate about advocating for parental rights and safe spaces for kids.

Watch our video report to hear more from Ness, including our discussion about at least three other schools in B.C. that distributed the same pornographic cards to kids, and the parts of this story that the state and their choice media have been leaving out.

To educate yourself about, and take action against, the sexual indoctrination of children in schools, sign and share our petition at StopClassroomGrooming.com. That's also where you can donate to help cover the costs of raising awareness about this important issue.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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