Vaccine choice at Without Papers Pizza top of mind for Calgary supporters

Supporters of Without Papers Pizza staged a sidewalk picnic in front of the restaurant, which was closed down after health officials revoked owner Jesse's ability to do business for refusing to enforce vaccine passport rules.

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In this report we are back at Without Papers Pizza, this time a sidewalk picnic was being held in support of frontline workers. If you saw our last report on Without Papers then you already know the situation, and that even though the brick and mortar establishment that was Without Papers may have been closed, the message continues on.

In this video you'll hear from those speaking in support of peoples right of choice, notably in regards to the vaccine. As well, we spoke with a nearby restaurant employee, to get his thoughts on the situation unfolding just down the street from the restaurant he works at.

Luckily, the owner of Without Papers Pizza, Jesse, was also in attendance. While there, we were able to hear his thoughts on the support being shown outside the now-closed restaurant, as well as his concise message to the silent majority.

If you wish to show your support against the discrimination being imposed by the state, please go to, silent support is appreciated, but actions determine the future.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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