Veteran calls for inquiry into Canada Armed Forces' COVID vaccine policy

James Topp is known for his marches across Canada for medical freedom, and now he wants Trudeau's Defence Minister to assess the harms of COVID-19 vaccine mandates on the Armed Forces.

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Canada Armed Forces (CAF) Veteran James Topp, who has been marching across Canada for medical freedoms since February, is now calling on Canada’s defence minister, Anita Anand, for an inquiry to assess the level of harms COVID-19 vaccine mandates have done to the institution.

Topp is currently in New Brunswick after marching over 6,100km, starting in British Columbia, but he has not slowed down from taking political action for freedom from COVID-19 vaccine mandates. In June, Topp held a meeting with Members of Parliment who were willing to hear him advocate for change for Canadians who have been marginalized and laid off without pay from such mandates.

More recently, as first reported by Epoch Times, Topp and his team at have sent Liberal Defence Minister Anita Anand, all Members of Parliament, and Senators, a formal letter requesting an inquiry into Chief of Defence Staff’s policy on vaccinations for the Canadian Armed Forces.

“We’re talking about the number of personnel who have been released from the Armed Forces or are being subject to a release, and the fact that there are vaccine injuries that are not being acknowledged or they are not being addressed”, Topp told Rebel News during an interview about the request for an inquiry.

Initially Topp and his team at attempted to engage the Department of National Defence Ombudsman Gregory Lick on the matter, who according to Topp, declined to speak to them all together.

In an article published by Global News, Ombudsman Lick was reported as taking no issue with how the CAF’S COVID-19 policy which requires one to be inoculated with two COVID-19 injections in order to serve Canadians, despite there being over 1,100 service members who have chosen to not do so.

According to Ombudsman Lick, his office has received more than 1,800 complaints over the last 12 months, 10 of which related to the Forces' COVID-19 requirements.

Topp says he has information to share about the harms CAF’s vaccines policy have done to the Forces and subsequently Candians and that an inquiry is an important step for Canadians as “they’re the ones paying for the Armed Forces” and that they “have every right to know what damage is being done through that institution”.

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