Victoria city council to ban natural gas and fossil fuel usage for buildings built after 2025

City councillors in British Columbia’s capital reportedly plan on banning the use of fossil fuels in new buildings built after 2025, all in the name of climate change.

Victoria city council to ban natural gas and fossil fuel usage for buildings built after 2025
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This means that newly built buildings, including residences, will be restricted from using propane, natural gas and fuel oil.

The decision was taken due to the council’s fears of climate change. 

“Buildings account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas pollution generated in the city,” Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps reportedly stated. “Each new building will last more than 50 years so raising the bar now is critical to meeting our long-term climate goals, and to preparing the taxpayers of the future to have less climate-related costs down the road.”

Victoria is one of the first cities located in British Columbia to adopt such a policy. More can be expected to follow as the World Economic Forum’s ideas about a sustainable future continue to be widely encouraged and accepted amongst governments worldwide. 

During a recent press conference held on Zoom, which notably included B.C. Premier John Horgan, the federal minister of employment, Carla Qualtrough, outlined why she believes climate change is dangerous for the future of British Columbia. 

She said:

“While climate change is measured globally, its impacts are felt locally and here in B.C. we live this reality. [...] The message could not be clearer: Climate change is real, it is happening now, and its impact will only intensify and is taking a terrible human toll.” 

These are the concerns that led to the city taking the decision of accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by implementing radical new municipal requirements. 

Saanich and Central Saanich councils have been inspired by Victoria and have reportedly already begun similar discussions with developers and builders. 

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