Victoria Police finally dumps vaccine requirement as it struggles to attract new recruits

Recruitment changes, including online tests and no vaccine requirement, draw criticism amid calls for a leadership shakeup.

Victoria Police finally dumps vaccine requirement as it struggles to attract new recruits
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Victoria Police have been mocked for their latest recruitment drive that advises potential recruits that standards have been lowered to make the job more attractive.

Information sent to applicants enthuses that:

“The initial psychological test can now be done online, the video interview component has been removed, evidence of Covid-19 vaccination is no longer required” These changes will result in a significant decrease in time taken for the recruitment process, with applications taking as little as 4-6 months!”

Political commentator Rukshan Fernando called out the advertisement, tweeting:

“VicPol really dropping the standards with their latest round of recruitment. Even not having a Covid-19 vaccine is a feature!

“They should probably just drop Shane Patton from his position and start fresh and work on regaining community trust.”

Police Federation of Australia President Ian Leavers warned in May that the community would be in “crisis” if problems recruiting new police officers were not solved.

He said Victoria Police had more than 800 vacancies they were unable to fill.

"We're in a crisis situation at this point in time," he said.

Leavers said people were reluctant to join the police force after witnessing the way they had been used to enforce Covid-19 restrictions during the pandemic.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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