VIEWERS REACT: General Motors invites, then prevents Rebel News from covering Trudeau event

'GM has lost our business for good!' wrote one viewer.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies read your reactions to General Motors inviting, then preventing Rebel News from covering their event with Prime Minister Trudeau at their Ingersoll, Ont., facility.

One viewer called Roger Moses chimed in writing, "I'm getting really sick and tired of people claiming Rebel News is not media or journalists and keeping their employees out of the loop. They give much better accounts of current events than CBC, Global, CTV, etc."

Another viewer shared their thoughts writing, "Thanks David. Great report. As a diehard Chevy/GM supporter...I will never buy again from this Woke company. Too bad .. [GM] was a great company years ago. R.I.P. ...GM"

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