Virulent antisemite, Laith Marouf, calls for the destruction of 'Jewsader Colony' Israel

Since 2020, Marouf has disparaged the Jewish people repeatedly on social media, fantasizing about shooting them and calling them 'human feces.' In 2021, the federal government gave him a six-figure grant to fund 'anti-racism' workshops.

Virulent antisemite, Laith Marouf, calls for the destruction of 'Jewsader Colony' Israel
X/ @HillelNeuer and THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
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Virulent antisemite Laith Marouf took potshots at prominent Jewish Canadians this week, referring to them as "Jewish Supremacist ilk" that "like to kill babies."

Marouf, formerly sponsored by Heritage Canada, received $133,822 in 'anti-racism' funding two years ago despite his antisemitic views being widely known.

Telecom consultant Mark Goldberg submitted to the Commons heritage committee last year that he repeatedly warned government officials of Marouf’s conduct, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

"MPs on both sides of the House were notified in advance including members of this committee," he wrote. "They did nothing to counter it."

Goldberg documented correspondence with Heritage Canada from last April 20 in which it paid Marouf at the time Twitter banned him for antisemitic posts. 

"Some, in my view, crossed the line set out in Twitter’s terms of service so I reported them," he said. "In mid-2021 Twitter suspended his account."

Since 2020, the telecom consultant collected dozens of screenshots of Marouf’s tweets in which he disparaged the Jewish people, including one post in which he threatened Goldberg with "a bullet in your head." 

In other posts, the 'anti-racism' advocate fantasized about shooting Jews, whom he described as "human feces."

Heritage Canada did not cancel the contract until September 23, 2022, and have since been unsuccessful in recuperating the taxpayer funds, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

"I don’t want this to be a partisan issue although I do want to see some real accountability for the disbursement of public funds to this organization and to this person," wrote Goldberg.

On July 30, 2021, Marouf’s Community Media Advocacy Centre received over $602,000 in federal subsidies including a $133,822 grant to host ‘anti-racism’ workshops — the same time Marouf received his suspension from Twitter.

In February 13 testimony at the Commons heritage committee, department executives could not explain why they failed to conduct background checks on Marouf. 

On November 10, Michael Geist, a professor on internet and e-commerce law, noted Canada’s former Heritage Minister, Pablo Rodriguez, was included in an email discussion titled “Laith Marouf and antisemitic hate speech” between August 17 and 19, 2022. 

When asked by the heritage committee, "at no point were you informed between July 19 and August 22, 2022," Rodriguez said, "that is correct."

Geist condemned Rodriguez for remaining silent about it before lying to a Commons committee about what and when he knew.

"Not only did he [Marouf] receive 6 figures from Heritage Canada, but not a single person in the government accepted responsibility for ignoring warnings and shoveling cash to a known purveyor of hate," commented Goldberg.

Marouf replied by calling the telecom consultant "an insignificant nobody" that led a "Jewsade against my [his] work." He claimed his efforts were to "liberate media" in "Apartheid Canada" from "Jewish Supremacist ilk."

"The world knows you like to kill babies and all your lies are aired live on tv. Cry as your house of hate falls," added Marouf.

"Welcome back Laith," replied Goldberg.

On November 16, Geist posted on the return of Marouf to X and his "dangerous, threatening antisemitism." He said: "We cannot remain silent."

Marouf replied soon after, telling Geist to "cry a little harder."

"Nobody cares about your Jewsader a*s opinion or your anti-Shitimism scam except your Jewsader bubble and the unrepresentative Politicians who deny the will of the people," he said.

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