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WATCH: The West gripped by madness, not a virus

GB News' Neil Oliver delivers a powerful monologue against the madness infecting governments all across the West.

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GB News host Neil Oliver delivered a monologue on his most recent show where he wondered what type of madness has come to consume leaders in the West.

Speaking about the seemingly-endless choice of poor decisions being made by governments throughout the supposedly-free world, Neil Oliver said:

On and on we go, madness everywhere.

France has been using pepper spray on its dissenting citizens. In Australia, they're using the same — and rubber bullets and galloping horses. They're building quarantine camps in Queensland, with balconies and a view, right enough, but camps just the same.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promises to spend a billion dollars paying provinces in his country to set up and operate vaccine passport schemes to keep the unvaccinated, the unclean, out of businesses.

In Scotland, my home land, the SNP [Scottish National Party] government has decreed four year old's can choose their gender, take on a new name and use whichever toilets they want and mummy and daddy don't need to hear a word about it.

Watch above to hear Neil Oliver's full monologue, as he pleads for some sense to be restored. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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