WATCH: 'Tims Camps' deregistering youth over vaccination status — we need your help!

Coercing underprivileged youth to get vaccinated or be excluded despite previous approval to attend a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience is morally bankrupt.

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In a previous report, I broke the news that infamously Canadian coffee guru Tim Hortons and their charity Tim Hortons Foundation Camps were mandating vaccine passports for all youth aged 12 and up.

It’s an outdated and unscientific policy. It’s fairly common knowledge that the COVID injections do not prevent transmission or infection and the claim that they somehow lessen illness severity or prevent hospital/death is questionable when cross-referenced with real world data.

To segregate youth based on this privacy-invading nonsense is unethical and unjustified. That’s why I launched a petition at Let Kids

Before I drop it off at the Tim’s Head Office, I hope to get it to 30,000 signatures.

Although the discriminatory policy is not exclusive to Tim Hortons, they do seem to be rather sneaky about. The requirement is being implemented by other youth organizations like Air Cadets and Scouts Canada but they are forthcoming with the policy and attest to it publicly whereas Tim’s Camp does not.

This is the same foreign-owned corporation that tracked all of its customers' location and spending data to see where else they were buying coffee in a colossal breach of what the Canadian federal privacy commission called “a mass invasion of Canadians privacy.” Even when you weren’t actively in the APP, it tracked and traced your every move and they used it to look for “patterns and changes in where and when Canadians picked up their double-doubles.”

This is the same corporation that we’re supposed to be trusting to implement appropriate and proportional health and safety policies for our youth behind closed doors.

The concerned parent that I originally reported on behalf of was finally able to obtain a formal policy (apparently last reviewed in March 2022). It confirms that fully vaccinated means having received a 2-dose series and says that if the definition of “fully vaccinated” changes to include a booster/3rd dose, they will be in touch.

Of course they will. Tims Camp expects you to submit and answer all of their questions, but it’s of little urgency for them to answer to any questions, as demonstrated by the numerous contact attempts I have made over the last several weeks. And they claim to care about health and safety while simultaneously promoting sugar and trans fat laden processed food.

If you agree that this is an outlandish, out-of-date, out-of-touch, and discriminatory policy then sign our petition at

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

PETITION: Let Kids Camp

38,267 signatures
Goal: 45,000 Signatures

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