“We don't want communism in the form of globalism” | Toronto protesters speak out

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While Toronto police did their best to quell any form of protest or free speech at Yonge-Dundas Square this past weekend, a few blocks away, protesters were marching in solidarity with those arrested.

The marchers congregated at Queen's Park to chant and mingle until it became apparent Toronto police were close to making more arrests.

As multiple vans of officers arrived, police personnel slowly began to form a perimeter around the park, and action seemed inevitable.

Seemingly taking notice, the protesters again took to the streets until they eventually congregated around noted activist Chris 'Sky' Saccoccia. Sky began leading the march to local businesses (Shoppers Drug Mart, Longo's, Whole Foods) in an attempt to prove that everyday tasks can be performed without wearing a mask, without issue. Sky appeared to be specifically choosing to enter big-chain stores, avoiding 'mom and pop' shops, which of course remain closed under lockdown restrictions.

Eventually, the protest split in two, as some protesters did not seem to agree with this action or wanted to follow their own ‘leader.’

Despite some reports, those accompanying Sky did not enter any stores violently, angrily or loudly. They simply entered the establishments unmasked and attempted to buy products, albeit some were asked to leave from Longo's, as police eventually blocked the doors at an employee's request.

At Whole Foods, protesters/shoppers were allowed to complete their transactions, with police blocking the entrance once they completed their maskless purchases.

Once the protest ended, Sky was arrested for “common nuisance” and “assault police,” according to a press release from Toronto police.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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