While Canada's greatest city decays, police crackdown on protests | Ezra Levant joins David Menzies

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It's no secret how the Toronto Police Service have been treating protesters demonstrating against Ontario's lockdown measures recently, despite allowing the protests to occur each and every weekend since April, 2020.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra popped in as a guest to join fill-in host David Menzies to discuss his experience at last Saturday's protest against the lockdown.

Wanting to witness the scene for himself, Ezra told David about how he's spent so much time out of Toronto now that returning to the heart of downtown was a reminder for just how much the city has decayed:

Here's a few observations I made, that I probably wouldn't have made just watching things from home as I usually have done.

The first is a shocking reminder of the decay of Canada's greatest city. And when I say greatest city it's the largest city, the richest city, the city of the head offices, the media and banking centre, it's the fashion centre.

Toronto, I mean, I'm a Calgary boy, so I have a rivalry with Toronto — but, by most measures you would say Toronto is the greatest city in Canada. It's the fourth largest megalopolis in North America, it is an outstanding city by some measures.

But to see it's decay — we're there at Yonge-Dundas Square which is like the Times Square of Toronto — and we see all these cops ready to take on anti-lockdown protesters and the first thing that happens is a guy comes up and asks me and one of our journalists Alex, “where's the works?” And Alex thinks, oh that's a a hamburger shop called The Works and the guy says, no, no, no it's a shooting gallery, man. I want to go shoot drugs.

He said that, and we both were shocked. And then we see another lady on the ground, just planting herself right in the middle of Yonge-Dundas Square and setting up all her gear to start shooting drugs right there.

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