WATCH: I finally confronted Tedros over Covid and Disease X

“This is your chance to apologize to the world for your role during COVID, would you like to take it?” The World Health Organization Director-General asked accountability questions by Rebel reporter Avi Yemini at the elitist World Economic Gathering.

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I’m here at the World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland, where the world’s high and mighty gather to make the rules for the rest of us.

So, no surprise that Tedros Adhanom was here — he’s the head of the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO). He’s like the Dr. Fauci of the whole planet — deeply connected to the Chinese Communist Party, deeply responsible for some of the worst public policy responses around the world, from lockdowns to mandatory vaccines.

I asked him about those disastrous mistakes. And I also asked him about “Disease X,” which is all the rage here at the conference. That’s the name the WEF is giving to the next pandemic — they’ve already named it!

In fact, the WHO is scheduled to have a panel discussion called “Preparing for Disease X,” hosted by the Director-General and WEF Executive Committee member Shyam Bishen.

I asked Tedros, “Do you think you did well during COVID, and will you do as well with ‘Disease X’? His security constantly put his hand on me and attempted to block my microphone.

“How do you feel you went in COVID?"

He didn't answer my questions. When he responded, he mentioned he had an upcoming meeting with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) as his excuse for not answering his questions as he walked.

Of course, he didn’t answer — why would he? He wasn’t elected to his powerful position, so we can’t throw him out in an election. Like so many of the people here at the WEF, he has power over your life, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And he knows it.

I asked the accountability questions Tedros has avoided over the last several years.

“Do you apologize for what you did during COVID? And should people have to go through ‘Disease X’ with you now that you say it's ten times worse?”

“Are you going to apologize for getting everything wrong, from mask mandates to vaccine mandates?

“Doctor Tedros, this is your chance to apologize to the world for your role during COVID, would you like to take it?”

“Will we have to wait for you to get everything wrong in ‘Disease X’?”

“Do you think the vaccine mandates were wrong?”

“Do you want to apologize?”

“Or do we have to suffer?”

“In Australia, we had the longest lockdowns in our city and that was based on your recommendations.”

“You don’t want to apologize to Australians?”

“What about the current excess deaths? Do you want to talk about those?”

“Do you take any responsibility for the policies that you pushed?”

“They say regaining trust is the theme this year. Are you part of the reason why they lost trust in the WEF and everyone finally knows who you are and what you stand for?”

Well, the first step to being free of these tyrants is to expose him. And hopefully my video today did a little bit of that.

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