Who's the real anti-Semite? George Soros vs. Viktor Orban

Ezra Levant compares the legacy media's portrayal of two famous Hungarians: billionaire investor George Soros and Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

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One of the myths I heard about Hungary is that it is somehow antisemitic. I'm always skeptical when people throw that word around, because there is real antisemitism in the world but it's often used as a way of playing the race card against conservatives.

And Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has a conservative approach to politics, immigration and national identity. So whenever I hear that claim of antisemitism I want to make sure it's bona fide.

We arrived in Budapest yesterday, and the first thing I saw this morning when I came down to the lobby of our hotel was a man in a Jewish yarmulke. There's a Jewish presence in the city, and people are obviously not afraid to walk around visibly identifiable as Jewish.

But here, outside the parliament buildings on the beautiful Danube River, I was walking and came upon a memorial. A group of Israeli tourists were there, it was quite packed, and they said a memorial prayer.

They came to honour the victims of a local Nazi brigade.

In Budapest, not even looking for it, we see not just traces of Jewish life but real, living Jewish life. Jews are celebrated in public; Jews are unafraid to be in public. I know these are just anecdotes, but it's been a very Jewish day, and not even on purpose.

This got me thinking about the slurs against Hungary; the false accusations that the country is antisemitic, despite Prime Minister Viktor Orban being quite pro-Israel.

I think one of the reasons Hungary is so falsely smeared as antisemitic is because Orban and his fellow Hungarian George Soros have clashed. Orban has won reelection several times, while Soros uses his finances to promote his political agenda from behind the scenes.

Alas, Soros lost his showdown with Orban and has basically been extirpated from the country. But the irony is that Soros himself colluded with the Nazis when they came into the country late in the Second World War.

Soros and his father decided they were going to survive the invasion by any means necessary. He was just a teenager at the time, so he's really doing what his father told him to do. First, he was a messenger boy for the Nazis because he knew where the Jews lived. Then, his father assigned him to a Nazi official who was going around expropriating Jewish property.

Soros did this on the instructions of his father, and he was just a teenager. So I don't think you can overly blame a teenager for doing whatever his father told him to do just to survive the Holocaust. But it's what Soros said later that's so shocking.

He spoke to Steve Cross on 60 Minutes, who asked him about the trauma this experience caused him later in life. Soros couldn't have been more blasé. It was stunning. I also read in a biography of Soros that he described his time as a teenager with the Nazis as the most exciting time of his life.

It certainly seems like this feud between Soros and Orban is why the country is so wrongly labelled as antisemitic.

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