Why did Trudeau decide we're criminals? Punjabi Rifle Association speaks out — Integrity March (Part Two)

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One of the groups participating in the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) Integrity March on Saturday on Parliament Hill was the Punjabi Rifle and Recreation Association.

Located in Brampton, Ontario, they came out with thousands of other Canadians from all across the country to support the property rights of lawful gun owners and to protest Justin Trudeau's latest attack on Canada's firearms community.

I interviewed one man from the Punjabi Rifle and Recreation Association who told me that he stands to lose nearly half of his gun collection to Trudeau’s undemocratic gun grab.

He said the Liberal government's overnight order in council, back on May 1, to reclassify his guns made him feel like a criminal even though he has done everything the law requires of him to legally own his firearms.

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