Why was Pastor Artur arrested this month? Because he gave a speech in support of the truckers

Just before his arrest occurred, we caught up with Artur in Milk River where he provided a church service to supporters of the Coutts blockade.

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Today we're going to share with you our last interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski before his arrest on February 8.

Pastor Artur has been known to vocalize his dissent from the public health orders and mandates that have been cast on us over the past two years by elitist politicians like Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau. In a recent visit to Coutts, he continued to do exactly that.

This visit to Coutts was made in support of those who had blockaded the highway in hopes of lifting mandates and public health orders related to COVID-19 in order to bring back the freedoms we all once took for granted. Artur gave a speech in solidarity with these actions.

As Artur told me post-detainment over the phone, this speech was the cause for his arrest. Just before this occurred, we caught up with Artur in Milk River where he provided a church service to supporters of the Coutts blockade.

Hardly threatening stuff, but nevertheless the state took action against him and to this day Artur remains behind bars — something that has unfortunately happened to many pastors in Canada as of late, over their decisions to remain true to their God and practice their faith as they have been instructed to.

So there's the gist of it. Pastor Artur was arrested because he made a speech calling for peaceful protest, and the state somehow considered this pivotal to the actions of those supporting the Coutts blockade.

Interestingly though, in my time with those at the Coutts border blockade, Artur was never mentioned, never invited, never part of any planning that went on within the group — all he did was come down for one day, give a speech, and leave.

We spoke with some of those supporting the Coutts blockade about Artur's situation, and they too seemed confused at people giving credit for the blockade to Pastor Artur. From being at the blockade for over two weeks, it really doesn't seem like Artur was the reason they showed up to Coutts, nor was he the reason they left. But regardless, the state's distain for Pastor Artur Pawlowski has prompted them to use his visit to Coutts as a means of putting him behind bars, where he remains to this day.

If you want to help Artur's legal defence, go to SaveArtur.com where your donations go straight to the lawyers fighting to set him free. His next court date is March 11, and we'll be sure to keep you updated as things evolve.

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