Wisconsin voters file lawsuit to dismiss election results

Wisconsin voters file lawsuit to dismiss election results
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A high-profile group in Wisconsin has called on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up a case against the Wisconsin Elections Commission to prevent the certification of the state’s election results for Joe Biden.

In a lawsuit filed by the Amistad Project on behalf of the Wisconsin Voters Alliance, the group calls on the state’s highest court to disqualify the election results and to order legislature to pick electors, arguing that there was a systematic effort using money sourced to an organization funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to evade voting laws to cast tens of thousands of illegal ballots.

The petitioners allege that the 20,608 vote margin between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump includes ineligible and illegal votes. The lawsuit calls upon the Supreme Court to take up the case against elections officials, whom they claim violated Wisconsin’s election laws, and nullify the results.

WSAW reports that the group says it has evidence that the Zuckerberg organization, called the Center for Technology and Civic Life, gave over $6,000,000 to multiple cities in Wisconsin, including Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee to facilitate absentee voting in violation of state law.

“When you add that up and you consider the margin here, your election is in doubt,” Phill Kline, who represents the lawsuit, said. “It should not be certified and the results should not be accepted. Wisconsin deserves better.” Kline stated that the evidence lies in expert affidavits.

The Amistad Project, which is working on lawsuits in six swing states, is calling on the court to issue an injunction to keep the Wisconsin Election Commission, or any election body in the state, from certifying the election. The move would force the state legislature to appoint electors, who would hear from the petitioners and listen to expert testimony.

The petitioners have also asked for an injunction against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to require him to certify the electors under the appointment of state legislature.

In response to the lawsuit, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul accused the group of trying to disenfranchise voters.

“The Wisconsin Dept. of Justice will ensure that Wisconsin’s presidential electors are selected based on the will of the more than three million Wisconsin voters who cast a ballot,” Kaul said.

The WEC has until November 27 to respond to the court.

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