'Without freedom, it’s not a country anymore': Anti-mandate protesters go on speaking out in Toronto

Despite rainy conditions, the pro-freedom crowd turned out at Toronto's Queens Park North on Saturday, March 26 to call on the federal government to remove its discriminatory vaccine passport.

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This past week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a backroom deal with the NDP, came to an agreement to keep him in power until 2025. He later slandered the Freedom Convoy movement on his overseas trip to the European Parliament in a prepared speech to MEPs. What do Canadians think about their prime minister’s actions?

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Trudeau government’s medical segregation no-fly list for the country's unvaccinated stays in place — the only country in the world to do so. Freedom protesters who have been demonstrating against draconian COVID-19 measures continue to do so despite the lifting of provincial and municipal measures.

I went to ask protesters what compels them to continue demonstrating when some Canadians would argue that their “freedoms” are now back, as well as what they thought of the prime minister’s latest actions.

Do they believe that with Trudeau’s new de facto coalition, the federal mandates will drop? What do they think of his latest fear-mongering rhetoric in smearing citizens who rose up against him in the peaceful truckers' convoy? The crowd of mixed ages and demographics had a lot to say.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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