Would the BC United Party support vaccine mandates again if faced with another declared pandemic?

Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey questions BC United Party's Kevin Falcon on how his MLAs' decision to support a motion condemning the Freedom Convoy and applauding vaccination mandates last year aligns with the party's position on both today.

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With 2024 being a provincial election year in British Columbia, I’m making it my mission to ask those who will be vying for your vote this October questions you deserve the answers to.

That’s why when I learned that there would be a BC United Town Hall event with the party’s leader Kevin Falcon, I got my boots on the ground to ask the official opposition leader a question I had previously asked his media department but never received a direct answer to.

The question: In April 2023 every BC United MLA that was present during the NDP motion to condemn Canada's Freedom Convoy protest and applaud discriminatory vaccine mandates, voted in support of that motion.

So has their party's position changed on either topic over the past 11 months and if yes, how so?

Aside from a select few, politicians from all levels of the Canadian government either supported or did nothing to stop widespread discriminatory COVID-19 measures and the vilification of “the unvaccinated” that was amplified throughout state-choice media for years.

Now that some COVID truths that Rebel News was censored and condemned for reporting on “too early” are more widely accepted — such as the fact that COVID-19 jabs don’t stop transmission, the vaccine injuries they cause are not conspiracy, and the Trudeau government's use of the Emergencies Act to trample out the Freedom Convoy was an unconstitutional abuse of power — it appears freedom-centric constituents' concerns have been welcomed back into more conservative-minded parties than just the PPC.

But is that enough? Would these political leaders who agreed with mandates like vaccine passports and who were condemning the freedom community do a thing different if the World Health Organization declared another global pandemic?

Click on the full video report to see me ask Falcon this important question and let me know in the comments if you think his answers are the type you wish to see from the next premier of British Columbia.

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