You won’t believe some of the personalized licence plates banned in Ontario

'The unnamed bureaucrats at the Ministry of Transportation deemed that CANADA is somehow, some way, an offensive term – even though this plate would’ve been brandished by a Canadian motorist residing in a Canadian province?' said David.

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2023 is already shaping up to be the unofficial year of censorship. Prime Minister Blackface McGroper is hellbent on enacting Bill C-11 which will allow the Liberals to essentially censor the Internet – for our collective protection, of course.

Then there’s the College of Psychologists of Ontario demanding that Dr. Jordan Peterson submit himself to this quack collective in order to be “reprogrammed” given that Dr. Peterson is guilty of too much “wrong-thought.”

And get this: on the heels of all that Orwellianism comes a list of personalized plates that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation rejected in 2022. Gee, I wonder if those cats would approve of a plate displaying the word “Orwellian”…

In any event, like so many other jurisdictions, if you pony up an extra 300 bucks or so, an Ontarian motorist can buy a personalized licence plate of up to eight characters in length. Sorry, Premier Ford: CHERRY CHEESECAKE is just way too verbose. But FAT CHANCE fits…

Naturally, there are restrictions aside from the number of characters.

For example, no profanity. Thus, even though thousands of Ontarians would presumably love to brandish an F TRUDEAU licence plate, that’s a no-go. Besides, we must consider the uber-delicate feelings of Erin O’Toole. O’Who would no doubt go into a coma if he were to see that plate traversing the King’s highways…

In addition, plates cannot condone violence and criminal activity. You can’t use a plate to laud a sexual act or a bodily function; political figures cannot be mentioned, and then there’s this murky category called “human rights discrimination.” This is apparently the chestnut employed to reject anything the provincial plate censors don’t like for whatever reason.

The thing is, when one scans through the hundreds and hundreds of vanity plates rejected in 2022, there are so many rejected plates that simply do not make sense.

Consider IHATE401. Is it actually a so-called “human rights discrimination” issue to proclaim one’s dislike of a Hogtown highway that is seemingly endlessly mired in gridlock? Yeah, apparently so…

Likewise, OKKAREN is under a ban. Really? OKKAREN? Aside from active members of the Karen community, who would complain about this?

REDRUM was also rejected. Yeah, any reader of The Shining will tell you that “red drum” is “murder” spelt backwards. Well, sort of. But what if the guy asking for this plate just wanted to laud his crimson-coloured drum set? Alas, no dice.

Oh, and here’s a beauty: GRETAWHO was rejected on the grounds of… references to political figures? I’m assuming that the Greta in question is Greta Thunberg. But it’s amazing that Greta Thunberg is considered to be a political figure, because, who, pray tell, elected this weirdo… and what office does she hold?

And can you believe it: NO COVID was rejected. Regardless of political leanings, don’t we all collectively hate COVID? Then again, maybe the CEOs and shareholders of certain pharmaceutical companies absolutely love COVID. Just look at the positive effect the coronavirus had on their earnings these past few years…

WINE4ME was deep-sixed. Isn’t that odd? Wine is a legal product; Ontario is a wine-growing region. What’s the problem here?

Finally, I think the most inexplicable rejection was for a plate that read A CANADA. Think about that. The unnamed bureaucrats at the Ministry of Transportation deemed that CANADA is somehow, some way, an offensive term – even though this plate would’ve been brandished by a Canadian motorist residing in a Canadian province?

Or then again, is the very word “Canada” too, you know, Freedom Convoy-ish? After all, the Canadian flag in some circles is perceived as a hate symbol. So, if the Maple Leaf can be deemed offensive to those who hate freedom, then I suppose “Canada” is a dirty word these days too… at least to the bureaucrats at Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation who appear to be intoxicated on that evil elixir known as censorship.

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