“You're always going to be called far-right” | Andrew Lawton on why conservatives lose

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No matter the strength of their PR campaign, and regardless of an individual or publication's actual viewpoints, conservatives will continuously be labelled 'far right' or 'alt-right' by those who wish to discredit them, says True North Centre's Andrew Lawton.

“It doesn't actually advance anything,” Lawton remarked on a recent episode of Andrew Says.

After a recent flurry of notable ejections from provincial and federal conservative parties, Lawton discussed the apparent losing strategy that these parties have adopted.

Lawton advised against a reactionary strategy that puts conservatives on the defensive, instead of “sticking to the principles” that outline their beliefs, policies and ethics.

In order to be successful, conservatives need to stop backpedaling whenever they are asked questions, and instead be the ones that set the tone.

The full episode of Andrew Lawton on Andrew Says is available here.

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