No world peace or chance of prosperity for Canada without “good relations” with Communist China, according to Canadian senator

Pro-China comments are nothing new for Trudeau-appointed Senator Yuen Pau Woo.

No world peace or chance of prosperity for Canada without “good relations” with Communist China, according to Canadian senator
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A Canadian Senator for the province of British Columbia recently made admiring claims about China as well as his beliefs surrounding Canada’s desired level of dependence on the communist country.  

Trudeau-appointed independent Senator Yuen Pau Woo, along with a handful of other political figures, were amongst the approximately 260 people in attendance at a Year of the Rabbit “Warm Spring Welcome” reception put on by the Consulate General in Vancouver on January 16.

During an interview with Phoenix TV while at the event Woo stated the following: “We cannot have a prosperous Canada, we cannot have a peaceful country and a peaceful world without good relations with the People’s Republic of China.” Woo further added that he believes Canada must find a way to talk to China in order to “work out some very difficult problems in the world today.”

In a statement to Rebel News, Woo elaborated on his comments made to Phoenix TV. When asked what the senator meant by “good relations” with China, Woo stated that a start would be to “resume high level contacts with China, as the Germans, Australians, French and others have done.”

As for his belief that Canada cannot prosper without the People’s Republic of China, Woo stated, “China is the second largest economy in the world, an important market for Canadian products, and a leader in a number of technologies vital for transition to the digital and low-carbon economy. China is also a major investor in and/or trading partner for all the Indo-Pacific markets that Canada would like to expand economic relations with.”

Controversial comments favouring China from Senator Woo are nothing new. In  June 2021, Woo was 1 of 33 senators praised by China's foreign ministry for voting against a motion to label the atrocities committed against Muslim Uyghurs in China as genocide. Woo also sparked outrage after it was reported by the CBC that he said “Canada should avoid condemning China for its human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims because our country has mistreated Indigenous peoples.” The federal government has since voted to designate the persecution of Uyghurs under China’s regime as genocide.

Later in 2021, Woo was coined as “China’s Mouth Piece,” after a tweet he posted about Michael Spavor, Michael Kovrig, and Huawei Technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou rubbed many the wrong way.

The two Canadian Michaels were held as political prisoners in Beijing for what many believe was a form of retaliation against Canada for following through on an extradition request from the United States and arresting Meng on charges related to violating U.S. sanctions in the form of bank fraud.

While Senator Woo’s tweet did declare the release of the two Michaels and Meng as being a happy occasion, it included a caution for Canadians to “not miss the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned” from Meng’s detainment. It was also not lost on readers that the senator included a link to a Toronto Star article in his tweet that referenced the U.S. taking Meng hostage with the assistance of Canada.

Woo says that “China’s arbitrary detention of two Canadian citizens” and Canada’s “attempt to extradite Meng Wanzhou to the United States” is one example of Canada not having good relations with China. Other examples according to the senator include

“hostile statements from Canadian political leaders, including calls to decouple from China and labeling China as a ‘disruptive’ power… coercive trade actions on the part of China and prohibitions by Ottawa on Chinese investment in Canada.” He also described “negative Canadian public perception of China over issues such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and the drift towards totalitarianism under Xi Jinping.”

When asked whether he believes world peace can be achieved if China maintains its current standard for human rights, Woo told Rebel News that “China should improve its human rights practices for the sake of its citizens, never mind world peace.”

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