Huawei's Meng Wanzhou CAN be extradited to USA: Anti-CCP protesters celebrate

I was in Vancouver British Columbia today at the Supreme Court to cover the verdict in the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou. She is the CFO of Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, and she was arrested over 500 days ago at the Vancouver airport on American charges of bank fraud and breaking US sanctions against Iran.

Chinese State media had reported before the verdict was in that Meng Wanzhou would go free last night.

That's why I was surprised to hear, along with all the pro-democracy, pro Hong Kong, anti-Huawei protesters on the steps of the courthouse, that the judge had ruled that Meng could be extradited for her alleged crimes.

The unadulterated joy of a Uyghur woman upon hearing that the Canadian rule of law had won was the absolute best part of my day. She told me she has family in Chinese internment camps so she understands Chinese oppression.

She shouted that she is very proud to be a Canadian today!