2,006 Fight The Fines cases and counting: Our Legal Coordinator Victoria Solomon joins Ezra Levant

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Rebel News Legal Coordinator Victoria Solomon joins Ezra Levant on Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to give an update on the status of our largest civil liberties project to date.

The pandemic lockdowns started in March of 2020 when they said two weeks to flatten the curve. 

We're in our second year of the pandemic and they flattened the curve while simultaneously flattening our freedoms and civil liberties on the way. 

The first crazy story was actually that of Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was fined for feeding the homelessand he's now infamous because he was arrested and jailed for opening his church. 

Soon we started hearing about other crazy cases across Canada. Like Walter Matheson in New Brunswick, who got a lockdown fine for literally sitting in his car by himself, in a Tim Hortons parking lot, drinking a coffee.

So now Rebel News has taken on over 2,006 clients.

And a couple of months ago, we had a huge breakthrough — we are now working with the CRA charity called The Democracy Fund which gives charitable tax receipts for donations. So unlike donations to Rebel News, which aren’t charitable, donations to fight the fines are charitable, and you’ll get a receipt from TDF.

We're doing our best to manage costs but with 2,006 cases we're pretty much running our own law firm.

We now have a full-time in-house lawyer, and two full-time paralegals, working directly for Fight The Fines, helping to coordinate all the clients and all the lawyers.

But we still need your help to fund this fight and win back our freedoms. 

Ordinary Canadians shouldn't be the ones paying the price for just trying to live their lives when politicians like Tyler Shandro get to do what they want. 

If you can chip in a few dollars to help us cover the cost of fighting thousands of tickets on behalf of Canadians we would greatly appreciate it. 

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