NYPD honours Pfizer while thousands of unvaccinated officers are on the verge of being fired

Protestors argued that the city’s law enforcement agency gave an award to an organization that has repeatedly broken the law, and it’s 'disgusting.'

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The New York City Police Foundation's Annual Gala was on Thursday, June 9, and unlike past NYPD galas, the event didn’t honour officers or fallen detectives for keeping the city safe. 

Instead, the event honoured pharmaceutical behemoth, Pfizer Inc. 
Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla was at the event, and accepted the award on Pfizer’s behalf for the company’s “commitment to public safety.”

For a law enforcement agency, critics found it interesting that the New York City Police dedicated a whole evening for a corporation that has paid over $10 billion in penalties and is the culprit of the largest healthcare fraud in United States history.

The NYPD’s Pfizer gala marked the third high-end, invite-only event for Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla this month.

Last week, Bourla was at the notoriously secretive Bilderberg Meeting inside an officially undisclosed location in Washington DC. He was with the Director of the CIA, Chief AI scientist from Facebook, and other titans of industry, including government as well as military to discuss the policy agendas of the future.  

Two weeks ago, Bourla was in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. He explained the reason Pfizer has a surplus of COVID vaccines is because there aren’t enough “educated” people in the world who believe the vaccine is good.

Then in his latest appearance, Bourla was honoured by the foundation of the biggest police force in the world. Although, thousands of NYPD detectives and officers weren’t receiving a reciprocal honour from Pfizer. Five thousand NYPD officers are on the verge of being fired for not submitting to Pfizer’s vaccine. 

There were three price points for gala tickets, ranging from $15,000–$100,000. Officially, for a $100,000 ticket, a gala attendee could get a private discussion with NYPD leadership.  

Earlier in the foundation gala, security seemed paranoid and over the top. Militarized security vehicles were present, and city officers were draped in paramilitary vests, helmets, and assault rifles. They were seemingly expecting New Yorkers to be unhappy with their public funds being used to give Pfizer an award. 

As the event began, more protestors showed up, booing attendees at the gala. Many of them were critical of the NYPD leadership giving the biopharmaceutical company an award while hard working officers' jobs are threatened for not taking the jab. 

Protestors argued that the city’s law enforcement agency gave an award to an organization that has repeatedly broken the law, and it’s “disgusting.” 

One protestor even impersonated the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, and had fellow protestors dress-up as sheep who then followed him around the NYPD event. 

This imitator of Mayor Adams said to Rebel News:

“These are my unthinking followers, these are the people who do whatever I say. When I say get vaxxed, they get vaxxed. When I say get boosted, they get boosted...”

At the end of the evening, Tracy Morgan, famous actor and New Yorker, was spotted by protestors leaving the NYPD Pfizer Gala who walked to his illegally parked Ferrari. They yelled at him, accusing him of being a “sellout.”

With Pfizer being awarded by the NYPD, it doesn’t seem promising that unvaccinated officers will be left alone anytime soon. 

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni "exited” the NYC vaccine mandate case due to her obvious conflicts of interest, owning up to$100,000 in Pfizer stocks. She would now be replaced by Judge Edgardo Ramos.

This isn’t the first time she has come under fire for less than ethical behavior. As the general council to the FBI, she was accused by the House Judiciary Committee for providing legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law. That aided intelligence agencies in the illegal surveillance of innocent Americans.

Watch the report for the full story.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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