'The CRTC is a JOKE': Trudeau requires YouTubers and Podcasters to register with the government

'The CRTC saw that Trudeau has successfully subverted and undermined the media by subsidizing it and bribing it,' said Ezra. 'So they learned, they knew they could force others to register their podcasts and livestreams.'

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Last Friday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced plans to update broadcasting in Canada under the Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) proposed by the Trudeau Liberals.

The CTRC tweet read, "Today, we are taking a major step forward to modernize Canada's broadcasting system! Following broad consultations, we are releasing our first 2 decisions, including which online streaming services must register with us."

On the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra strongly criticized the CRTC's plan over the weekend. In a detailed Twitter thread, he highlighted the flaws in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent efforts to control online content.

He also began by noting that announcements made on Fridays are typically meant to downplay their significance, pointing out that while the bill was discussed in Parliament, the public debate on regulating podcasts did not gain widespread attention as a key voting issue.

Ezra added:

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was in federal court in Toronto, where Trudeau's lawyers told the court that I, as an author, should have to register with the government to write a book that was critical of Justin Trudeau. They said that they literally argued that I'm the first Canadian author in history who's been ordered to register my books with the government.

There were 24 books about Justin Trudeau published in the 2019 election. Mine was the only critical one. Mine was the only one investigated, prosecuted, convicted and fined by police and Elections Canada. And don't think the CRTC wasn't watching. They watched and they noticed and they learned that no one cared. 

The CRTC saw that Trudeau has successfully subverted and undermined the media by subsidizing it and bribing it. So they knew that they could force they me to register my book. They could force others to register their podcast in live streams.

I should point out, not everyone was silent when my book was being prosecuted. Jordan Peterson saw the danger and he tweeted up a storm in support of me. I'm grateful to him. He stood on principle and now they're coming for him. As Canada's leading YouTuber, he says he won't comply.

This is only an excerpt of last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

And please sign this petition to demand that Justin Trudeau repeal all of his censorship legislation, including Bills C-11 and C-18 at StopTheCensorship.ca!

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