‘They may not have ever had to think about what the actual definition is, but everybody knows what a woman is,’ said one attendee

At an event geared at preserving the sacredness of women only spaces, panelists and attendees did not shy away from defining what a woman is.

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Recently, the Canadian charity called, The Democracy Fund hosted an event titled, "Protecting Women’s Spaces In The Age of Transgenderism: An Honest Discussion" at the Canada Christian College in Whitby, Ontario.

The moderated discussion centered around the allowance of biological males in previously female-only held spaces. 

In a previous report on the event, each panelist and I discussed key notes from their speeches. 

Women attendees at the event expressed concerns around being attacked, censored or having their employment threatened simply for wanting to uphold women only spaces. 

Unequivocally, all of them were able to easily and clearly define a woman as an "adult female."

In our chat, renowned columnist and journalist Barbara Kay references the closure of the Tavistock Gender Clinic. “Their protocols are exactly what’s going on in Canada and if we don’t have an independent review [like they did], then something is very wrong."

Jenn Smith, a trans-female, further urges everyone to talk about transgenderism, especially as it pertains to youth, "in a gentle and respectful way."

"Approach it with compassion," Smith said. "These are damaged, wounded children and we need to have compassion for them."

A woman who requested that her face be blurred due to potential employment repercussions for simply attending the event said that she doesn’t think "that the majority of the population knows that any man at any time can enter any women’s space, and no one can say anything [about it.] There is not a corporation or government body that will uphold women’s rights at this point."

When asked what a woman is, the anonymous attendee said: 

 Everybody knows what a woman is. They may not have had to think about what the actual definition is, but everybody knows what a woman is.  

When someone wants a baby, they know who to go to. When someone wants to stop reproductive rights or contraceptive rights, they know who they’re affecting.

Kim Jones, mother of an Ivy League swimmer that competed against Lia Thomas, reiterates that "women are starting to recognize that if they want to protect their spaces and their opportunities, they have to get together."

Coming together and engaging in robust discussion was the sentiment shared by both attendees and panelists in how to ensure the sacredness of women only spaces is preserved. 


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