Transgenderism: A threat to women’s privacy, security and safety

Panellists discussed the threat to safe, women-only spaces in the wake of transgender ideology.

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On Sunday, August 28, the Canadian charity The Democracy Fund hosted an event titled, “Protecting Women’s Spaces In The Age of Transgenderism: An Honest Discussion.”

The event took place at Canada Christian College in Whitby, Ontario. Zoom links were provided for attendees unable to join in person.

The discussion centred around the recent permittance of biological males in previously female-only spaces, such as single-sex bathrooms, women’s prisons, women’s sports and change rooms. Questions circled around gender politics and how women’s rights are being eroded by a belief system that disregards biological gender.

Moderation was conducted by journalist Barbara Kay, who is a conservative columnist for the National Post and Epoch Times.

The panellists were mostly women — with the exception of Jenn Smith, a trans female and child protection advocate — who have been cancelled and/or faced great personal risk for publicly defending women's and children’s right to feel safe and secure in spaces dedicated to feminine autonomy. They all had one thing in common: they resist the idea that women should cower to the comfort of biological males instead of upholding their own safety, or that of their children.

Panelists included:

  • Amy Hamm, co-founder of Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights (caWsbar), a nurse who is being investigated by her college for expressing public concerns around transgenderism infiltration
  • Kim Jones, mother of an Ivy League swimmer turned advocate, whose daughter competed against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas
  • Heather Mason, advocate, activist and former inmate at a women’s penitentiary where transgender prisoners were placed alongside natal females
  • Jenn Smith, a transgendered-identified activist, writer and child protection advocate

In this exclusive report, Amy Hamm and I discuss how the nursing college has handled her advocacy work and what it means for women entering that profession. Kim Jones expands on Title IX, what the Biden administration has done to it, and what the risks and repercussions are in the blurring of gender in women’s sports.

Heather Mason and I examine how crime data is being manipulated by transgenderism advocates and how transfers in women’s prisons put women and the children housed with them at risk. Jenn Smith and I unwind how vulnerable children, like those in foster care, are being exploited by this ideology at an alarming rate. Lastly, I catch up with Barbara Kay about all of the above.

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