BREAKING: We’re taking Trudeau’s debate commission to court tomorrow, for banning our reporters. Read our lawsuit here.

It’s one thing for Justin Trudeau to ban Rebel News reporters from his own private Liberal Party events. It shows a thin skin and a disrespect for democracy, and a hostility towards the millions of Canadians who don’t think exactly like him. But I suppose it’s his right.

But Trudeau’s hand-picked debates commission has banned our Rebel News reporters from attending the government-run leaders debate being held tomorrow.

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It’s a government-run debate, paid for by tax dollars, and it’s the only English-language debate that the coward Trudeau has agreed to participate in.

No wonder he want to keep our reporters out!

Trudeau also banned Andrew Lawton, from True North. No surprise there — Andrew is independent and conservative, two things Trudeau can’t stand.

Well, along with Andrew, we’re going to court tomorrow morning, Monday, October 7.

Our lawyers have been working all weekend on an emergency court application. Last night we filed our “Notice of Application”. It’s a short document as lawsuits go — just ten pages — and it’s in plain English, not too much legalese.

Scroll down to read our “Notice of Application” to the Federal Court.

In addition to this, we’ll have more legal filings including a sworn affidavit from me, outlining what Trudeau’s debate commission has done to us; a “book of authorities”, which is a list of past court cases that show that Trudeau’s ban is both illegal and unprecedented.

Trudeau deliberately waited until the very last day to tell us we were banned, so that challenging him in court would be difficult.

It is difficult. But not impossible. Our lawyers have been working all weekend, and we’ll be there in court on Monday morning.

If you agree with me that this is outrageous censorship by the Liberal government — and if you’re shocked that not one single mainstream media organization has even reported about this ban, let alone is standing with us — then please help us.

As you know, I had to pay our lawyers $10,000 to get them to drop everything and work all weekend on this emergency application. If you can help us cover that legal bill, please do — by clicking here, or going to

Of course, both Trudeau’s debate commission AND Trudeau’s Justice Department are sending government lawyers to block us. They have unlimited resources at the taxpayer’s expense. We rely 100 per cent on our viewers.

Please help us out if we can — and in return, I promise we’ll fight like hell.

Wish us luck tomorrow in court!

And by the way:

We’re sending our reporters, Keean Bexte and David Menzies, to the debates tomorrow night anyways.

And if the police handcuff them, well, that’s something that all Canadians need to see, to realize how far we’ve fallen as a country under Trudeau.

Notice of Application v2 by The Rebel on Scribd

  • By David Menzies

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