'What Hamas did on October 7th is literally just a small response': Anti-Israel protester speaks out in support of Hamas

'Hamas is our freedom fighters,' said the anti-Israel protester in Ottawa.

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On Saturday, November 4, a protest called the "100K March for Gaza" was held in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Similar events occurred in other Canadian cities, such as Montreal and Toronto.

The protest was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement, aiming to call for an immediate ceasefire, the lifting of the siege on Gaza, and an end to Canada's complicity in the ongoing conflict. This massive global Palestinian uprising comes in response to an attack by the Hamas terrorist organization on Israel on October 7, resulting in a subsequent war between Israel and Hamas, who govern the Gaza Strip.

During conversations with Palestinian supporters, most of them either avoided or refused to condemn Hamas's actions against Israel. One individual shockingly expressed, "Hamas is our freedom fighters. They've been born in Gaza, and all they've known their whole life is getting bombed. So what they have to do, they have to fight for their own rights." He added, "What Hamas did on October 7th is literally just a small response. They're already dying, so they might as well fight back for what they believe in."

Another individual offered their thoughts on Hamas, stating, "It was not the right way to protest their inhumane conditions. But you can't start the clock from October the seventh."

Despite the classification of Hamas as a terrorist organization by numerous countries, there are supporters of Palestine who view Hamas as a resistance organization rather than a terrorist group. As one man put it, "They are a militant group. Their actions, maybe you can classify them as terror attacks. But Hamas itself, I don't see it as a terrorist group."

For our safety, we have had to hire security personnel to bring you this report. If you wish to get involved and support our efforts, please consider making a donation at DeportHamas.com.

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