Alberta café owner Chris Scott continues fighting for freedom in court

'It's a lot easier to walk through hell when you've got millions of people standing beside you,' said Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott joined Ezra to discuss his ongoing legal battle surrounding his refusal to close his business according to public health orders during the pandemic.

As stated by Mr. Scott, "The government did these things, they interfered in our lives, they infringed on our rights without justification. And some people stood up, and Canadians from all over the country, and actually all over the world stood up with us and for us.

Mr. Scott went on to say, "I do want to point something out. I didn't just immediately stand up and say, 'hey this isn't right.' We went through a year of restrictions and lockdowns and my restaurant was just about annihilated."

"We worked really hard, we tried to follow the rules. And at every stage we always tried to be as polite and respectful and compliant with what we could, as we could."

Mr. Scott added, "There was one time I lost my composure and that's when they put the chain on the doors of my restaurant. I had some angry words...but aside from that, I made a point of walking with the inspectors and making sure people knew to be respectful."

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